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Flooded Basement Cleanup in Cheektowaga

When water damage occurs, it can seem like an overwhelming task to handle and it’s of utmost importance to address the situation quickly in order to minimize secondary damage that can happen after a flood. At Rock Emergency, we understand the urgency of the situation and address your needs with a comprehensive range of services for flooded basement cleanup in Cheektowaga


Timing is critical during a water loss and Rock will take all the necessary steps to ensure the job is done to your satisfaction,in a quick, and efficient manner. We act quickly to help prevent further damage and the potential for mold/mildew growth after your flooded basement cleanup in Cheektowaga.


Rock uses state of the art monitoring/drying equipment to check moisture content in the structure and materials and dry it out effectively. Rock will take the utmost care in handling your personal property as if it was our own. Our Rock technicians can evaluate all personal property affected and determine whether it can be saved or discarded during your flooded basement cleanup in Cheektowaga.


Water damages can be devastating to your home or business; Rock Emergency will do whatever it takes to get you back to normalcy and give you a sense of security with minimal disruption.

Steps In The Commercial and Residential Water Damage Clean Up Process:


  • Emergency Response – 24/7/365
  • Thorough inspection using state of the art moisture detection equipment
  • Contents protection and moving
  • Water extraction
  • Assess the flooring materials and determine best restoration method
  • Ventilate wall cavities to expedite the drying process
  • Removal of drywall (only when necessary)
  • Clean and sanitize affected area (depending on source of water)
  • Determine the most effective drying equipment to use
  • Set up drying equipment
  • Monitor drying equipment daily to quickly dry the space
  • Remove drying equipment after verifying that the affected areas have reached a normal moisture content

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